Water, Alcohol, Chemicals

4 March 2019


The composition of the perfume determines the definition, with that lets explore some of the terms.

Water & Alcohol & Chemical base

Perfumes made with water and alcohol contents, are labelled as shown in the table 1 below.

Name Fragrance oil (%) Alcohol & water (%)
Perfume or parfum 15–30 70–85
Eau de parfum 8–30 70–92
Eau de toilette 4–8 92–96
Eau de cologne 2–5 95–98
Splash cologne 1–3 97–99

From the table above, you can conclude that the bulk of the materials that go into these perfumes are water and alcohol. The actual content of the perfumes themselves are much lesser.

Now lets look at this table below.

Name Fragrance oil (%) Alcohol & water (%)
Attar Oils 100% 0%

All of the materials are fragrance oil, with zero water and alcohol contents.

HOWEVER, the contents of the terms in both the table above can be of any combination of synthetic (fragrance) oils, essential oils, absolutes, various forms of botanical extracts, and etc.

Thus they do not contain 100% natural ingredients.


Wait, your perfumes are called Attar Oils, but you say its 100% natural …. whats sup?

Yes, we have a problem. It is the very definition of the term “Attar Oil” that has become problematic.

Back, a few 00’s years ago the use of chemicals for perfumery was non-existent and the methods used to extract essential oils were limited too. Thus there exists one definition that I would like to reinvigorate, and it is that very definition which is used on this site. You can read about it more on this article here.

Our Definition

In short, when we use the term “Attar Oil”, we are saying Essential Oils blended with other Essential Oils, with a base Essential Oil. The base essential oil we use is Sandalwood Essential Oil.


So, natural oil perfumery is not for everyone.

Some prefer the chemical route, where the scent is always the same. There are no variations of smell due to each person’s unique biochemical makeup, you can always buy another bottle, each batch would smell exactly the same. Not to be fearmongering, but using chemical perfumes do have side effects, and you can read more about it on this site

contain synthetic chemical compounds that have been linked to respiratory issues, diabetes, obesity, ADHD, autism, and hormone disruption.

Some prefer the natural route with water and alcohol, where it is less costly and easy to apply. Certainly it is a much better choice than the chemicals, if you are only interested in wearing the scent as a perfume.

As for those who wish to imbibe, feel and apply the attar oils as how it used to be 00’s of years ago. theattaroils.com is here to do just that!

  1. only the table is taken from the link, to give due credits; the contents of that article does not represent our opinion.