We ship worldwide and our delivery partner is DHL. We make every effort to dispatch 📦 orders within 1 working day.

On this website we provide shipping via DHL Express. Should you wish a much cheaper shipping option, you can purchase via our Etsy Store which will be shipped through DHL eCommerce. Once we have handed over to our partner, we will email you the tracking number.


Transit time

For DHL Express it takes a Maximum of 6 ✈️ working days for it to arrive, however usually much lesser.

If you would like to know an estimated arrival date of when the package will arrive. You can click here and enter your destination country with zip code. It will provide you with an Estimated Delivery date/time.

Kindly ignore the price indicated as Estimated Price, the accurate pricing is as per the table below.

For DHL eCommerce it takes a Maximum of 18 🚤 working days for it to arrive, however usually much lesser.

Below is the table for the shipping prices for DHL Express in 🇸🇬 SGD$ (The table will be updated every month to reflect accurate pricing) I do not earn from shipping and the values are rounded down.

Shipping cost

Shipping prices updated for MARCH 2019 prices are down by 15% 😀

scroll left-to-right to see more if you on mobile There has been an error on shipment pricing, I will update the accurate pricing in awhile. Sorry and Thank you

$28 $35 $37 $53 $56 $57 $91 $146
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      Laos (LA)   Hungary (HU) Guernsey (GG)  
      Pakistan (PK)   Ireland, Rep. Of (IE) Iceland (IS)  
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