Price - Otto vs Absolute

23 February 2019

So tell me

I have been told that rose,like oud, musk, sandalwood, and ambergris are at the top of the price range. It is sometimes said that rose otto, is ‘liquid gold’.

Price Comparison of 10ml

ml Otto Absolute
10ml $250 USD $90 USD

Now this is a rough estimate, and the price can really vary. If were to buy the same 10ml locally, it will set me ~$800 SGD which comes to ~$592 USD. Now this is the price of Otto.

So why not use Absolute then?

The thing about absolute is, its much much cheaper and cost effective. However the biggest drawback is that, you would risk loosing the Meta-properties of the rose. Thus the Rose Attar is perfect as a perfume, no doubt. However if one was intending to use it for Aromatherapy, then it is no longer suitable for such use.

What about the scent?

This, I leave it to the perfumers to comment :)