Our Definition

4 March 2019

Now, it is very important to set the definition of “Attars” and “Attar Oils”.


There are many definitions of these terms out there, and they are not wrong. It all depends on the context. Our context here is theattaroils.com and when this term is used on this site, the meaning is however much much different.


concrete noun; noun: attar; plural noun: attars;


essence of a naturally occurring material/creature living and non-living

I was told that the attar of man, is his soul!


quantifiable raw extract of the naturally occurring material/creature living and non-living, commonly used as an ingredient for many things including perfumery

I have with me a bottle of rose attar

Attar Oil

collective noun; noun: attar oil; plural noun: attar oils;


attars, blended together with other attars and specifically one attar that acts as a base oil

this particular attar oil has rose essential oil and agarwood essential oil blended in with sandalwood essential oil as a base

What about Absolutes and Concretes ?

Yes, based on the definition above absolutes and concretes are also considered to be attars.

HOWEVER we do not use absolutes, or concretes for a few reasons but namely it is because, using solvent extraction leaves some solvent residue in the oil.