Meta Properties of Rose Attar

20 February 2019


The rose is of Cold & Dry of the 2nd Degree. It falls under the Earth element.

Meta properties

These are some metaphysical qualities of rose

  • Symbol of harmony and purity
  • Purifies the mind, body and soul
  • Softens the heart
  • Emotion of love
  • Evokes feelings of motherhood, succor, gentleness
  • Used in weddings and marriage proposals
  • Used in bedroom for romance
  • Subdue negative traits specifically; arrogance and pride
  • Promote positive traits specifically; gratitude and humility
  • Alleviate forgetfulness

Nightime vs Daytime

It is a scent of Night and Day. Can be worn all day or either.


For every meta property there is a mode and method of application, meaning how you wear the Attar Oils brings the subtle changes you are looking for. I have left out other specifics such as which body part to apply and the exact methods, these instructions can only be given by a Hakim or Aromatherapist.

Some applications of rose:

Effect Mode
Subdue Pride Apply on Skin as fragrance or Burn as incense
Attending Wedding Event Apply on Skin as fragrance