What is your definition of Attar oil?

There is a long answer to this, but our short answer is:

Attar oils is essential oils + sandalwood oil.

What about absolutes?

We do not use absolutes, to eliminate any chance of chemical or alcohol residue.

What about chemicals?

To be 100% natural, no synthetics are used.

Do you dilute the oils?

No. The oils are made to be potent.

Why no alcohol?

It destroys the essence of the attar, thus loosing the accumulated meta-properties.

What do you mean by high standards of purity?

The ingredients; pure, extracted in approved ways, crated with excellence.

What is your stand on grades vs quality?

To be able to use the top of line, highest grades is the absolute best. But grades are not everything, quality lies on craftsmen-ship. Thus we use grades that is affordable, while ensuring we produce the highest quality.

Who is your perfumer?

Our perfumer is Taha Syed of Agar Aura. We chose to collaborate with Taha for his remarkable skills, and the attention he pays to details. He brings the absolute best to the table, his signature “invisible hands” is precisely what is needed to bring back lofty Attars that we hope to share.